I dont know what virus is, what it does!!! But I know what hunger is and how much it hurts!!! – Rajkumar, 19 year old daily wager.

There are ten thousands of children in Tamilnadu, whose only meal is the mid-day meal offered in school. Now the food is closed when school is closed.

A Rickshaw driver earning 200 – 300 per day, running his family of 4 members, can sustain lock down for 3 days. But definitely not more than that.

About us

We are movement committed to feed the hungry and starving population of India. Food to feed as of now serves to South Indian states. Thereby making changes in the lives of people, who are forgotten. Started as a small event with few genuine hearts to serve humanity, now has grown up as a movement. We always believed that the satisfaction derived in helping others is the most purest. That’s how the event grew up itself into a pan Indian movement. Now it is time “WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT”. We are risking ourselves to Covid-19, in pursuit of feeding the needy. Our country is stumbled and the vulnerable is most affected. “If not now, then when…?”
In support of people who lost their basic needs of food and shelter to the worst storm in decades.
Thane Cyclone
When we were involved in rescue helps and Distribution of essential food and dry clothes to the needy we realized how this cyclone washed away all selfishness and inhumanity.
Chennai Cyclone
Our efforts to aid in the immediate relief efforts for the Kerala population affected by the devastating monsoon floods.
Kerala Floods
Covid 19 We have started our work as soon as we realized the people's ordeal in the lock down. Distributed essentials to the underprivileged but the scale is large and the suffering is large and we need support from all of you.
Covid - 19 Pandemic

Our Key partners

We thank and salute our partners for being a great support
in this journey for a noble cause.